“In an era where a new musical lyric model thumps repeatedly against the human heart―our anxiety rises over the very spooky ecology of Self and The Weight of Light questions and measures this collective arrhythmia. These poems by Gary Lemons say the butcher’s thumb is on the scale. Wonderful poems, dangerously true!”
- Norman Dubie, recipient of the 2002 PEN Center USA Literary Award for Poetry

“Gary Lemons has reinvented a personal method from a collective mystique for creating poetry; he has written a work of deep insights that could very well reinvent how the world views poetry as an art form.”
- Michael Foster, Huffington Post

“A cast of monsters, bystanders, victims and survivors step into the light of Gary Lemons’ spectacularly inventive mind to speak truth about the condition of being alive, and it’s as brutal and eerie, as grievous and as darkly comic, as a Hieronymus Bosch painting. But beautiful too, because “stripped of context...” (and context can be harrowing) “All colors are beautiful.” The Weight of Light is a wildly ambitious and mesmerizing portrait of our human struggle to perceive, as James Agee and Walker Evans put it, “the cruel radiance of what is.” In Lemons’ words, “Let’s say awakening hurts.”
- Kathleen Flenniken, author of Plume, winner of the Washington State Book Award